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Inside the famous Sky Pod of Slater Young & Kryz Uy

In 2019, celebrity couples Slater Young & Kryz Uy opened their Sky Pod home for viewing in their youtube vlog. According to Slater, they wanted to achieve the “log cabin” feel and make it very modern, so was the design of the Sky Pod. The design of the living room is minimal with a lot of empty spaces, a wall that extends outdoors, glass windows all around to achieve the brightness and airy atmosphere they want and top to bottom glass wall on the side of the pool where you can also view the mountains and trees in the background. It also gives off a cozy and relaxing atmosphere with the natural light and large couch which is almost like a bed makes you want to take a nap. They wanted to spend much time in the living room as a family and wouldn’t want their kids to be holed up in their room all day.

The best and probably unique part of the Skypod is the pool which is strategically placed in between the U shaped house.  The glass windows in every room and area of the house allows you to view the pool outdoors and gives a nice and cozy ambiance whether you are eating in the dining area, just lazing around in the living room or having a personal time in the master’s bedroom.

The design of the house is very well thought of when it comes to design and functionality as well as the couple’s choice of furniture and appliances.  It is no wonder of course that despite being an Engineer himself, they hired LLG Architects to achieve the design and interiors they desired for their home.

See the Sky Pod in their youtube video: