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A Tour of Bea Alonzo’s "Beati Firma"

She purchased the 16-hectare land property in Zambales way back in 2011 and she said that it used to be a very raw land with only one existing tree which the locals call “Cupang”. The tree was cut because it was inhabited by snakes but Bea wants to make a memorial of it because the tree would always remind her of how they started before the property was even turned into a farm, so they built a treehouse around the remaining trunk of the Cupang tree which is still deeply rooted on the ground. They also built a tilapia pond beside the treehouse. With the help of her neighbors who became close friends with the family and are also farm owners in their own right, they were able to put up a fence around the property and pathwalks around the farm.

The whole perimeter of the farm are lined with Mahogany trees which were personally planted by her mom.  They have several fruit bearing trees planted around the area, most particularly the Mango trees and Calamansi trees that produce much of their products being sold at the market.  The property also feature a view of the mountains and Bea owns a herd of cows that roams around a particular area of the farm for grazing.  They promote organic farming as they do not make use of pesticides and chemicals for fertilizers and even their waste are segregated and recycled.  The cattle and sheep are fed with rice bran taken from their own rice field located in the lower town area that supplies their rice and some are sold in the market.  The whole area makes use of solar-powered light posts.  Aside from cattle, they also have chickens, ducks, geese and they started to raise pigs.  Bea shares that her mom also has a lot of rescue dogs that they feed and house in their farm.

Currently, they are still making improvements in the farm, doing landscapes in some areas and building a house for their staff.  As she said, “everything is a work in progress”.  Bea gives credit to her mom for making Beati Farm to what it is today and they are also blessed to have a trusted farmhand Manong Dhoy who helps her mom in managing the farm.

In this 2 part video, Bea Alonzo welcomes us to her life on their farm.