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Capinpin Brothers' New House: A Fusion of Modern Luxury & Elegance

The Capinpin brothers from Nueva Ecija are one of the most viewed and subscribed family vloggers recently along with Cong TV and other well-known vloggers in the country.  With the height of their popularity they were also able to earn enough to build their dream home.  While it is sad to think that their father did not live to see the fruit of their success, their newly built house or houses was a pleasant surprise gift for their mom as they only used to rent a place to live.  Through their vlog posted on January 07, 2024 they unveiled their 3 new houses built within a 3,500 square meter property that they bought.  

In their vlog Sir Geybin gives us a tour of the 3 houses, the first and second house as well the third glass house.  The houses were a blend of contemporary design and classic architecture. The clean and minimalist approach create a sophisticated look combined with the use of natural materials such as stone and wood. The carefully landscaped gardens surrounding the property were especially chosen by their mom.  While the interior design reflects a careful choices of high-end furnishings. Large windows flood the living spaces with natural light, creating an open and airy feel. The brother also made sure to include a wide spacious area outside as well as a see through glass on one side of the pool combining aesthetic and safety purposes.

Their home boasts of state-of-the-art facilities and smart home technology is seamlessly integrated throughout the house, offering advanced security, lighting including a control operated gate.

In addition to its luxurious features, the Capinpin brothers’ also showed their collection of motor bikes and cars in their spacious and roofed parking area.