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Jennylyn Mercado & Dennis Trillo's Mountain Hideaway

Celebrities Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo started this project in 2020 just when the tiny house movement that was started in the 2010’s became popular in the Philippines in recent years.  Team Hurray took charge of the project and started to work on the 958 sqm. property.

The design process proved to be much challenging since the couple decided to use container vans for the main structure of the house.  Restrictions with the size and height, as well as the position and cluster of container was considered to ensure the house is well-ventilated and have enough space for air and light to flow throughout the home.

The project was finished after 2 years and recently the couple opened their home to the public through their youtube blog.  Team Hurray did an astounding job with the collaborative help of engineers, architect and designers.  

Our favorite part of course is the homey feels, high ceiling and spacious space in most areas of their mountain hideaway.  The mountain breeze and view of the place adds much to its charm.  To see the beauty of their newly finished home, see related article and video below.