Foreigners Who Made Philippines Their Home

"Making It Happen" Couple On Living In The Philippines

The Austrian couple Mike Holaschke and Nelly Hrnic popularly known travel bloggers of Making It Happen has decided to make Philippines their home and purchased a condominium in Manila.  The couple has been traveling to nearby countries documenting their adventures.  The two discovered Palawan when they decided to travel farther to Southeast Asia and fell in love with the country.

When asked in one interview why they decided to stay, the couple said it was mostly because of how the Filipinos embraced and invited them into their homes, anywhere in the Philippines.

They shared how everyone was always willing to help them in their every trip—whether it is in Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, Bacolod or up north.  Also, they were amazed at how the Filipino people are always joyful and happy and how they are always smiling which they find different from all other countries that they’ve been to. 

They said that what they love most about this country aside from lechon is a hundred percent about the people, they love their positive outlook in life and strong family ties and even the small things like their interaction with one another – how the people smile back when they make eye contact with them.