Why Ayala?

As I get older I appreciate things I used to take for granted. Engineering marvels like Skyway — a freeway built on top of a freeway — a 42.79 Kilometer expressway that cuts your commute time by at least half.   So if you live in Sta Rosa and you’re going to ABS-CBN near Quezon Ave, it is now possible to do it in just over one hour. 

I appreciate a well placed built-in cup holder that can hold my stocky Thermoflask.  Oh, and the local vegetable vendor who said she was going to text me if she got fresh ubod from TagaytayThat’s cool!

Consistency isn’t as boring as I once perceived.  When I enter an Ayala development like Westgrove, you know the first thing I notice?  The street lights that are all working even in secondary street roads.  The little, hidden things tell a lot about management. 

As Momofuku’s David Chang’s dad puts it, 

Everything looks spotless -- and it is spotless -- but then you look at the back of the toilet, where people will never clean, and it’s filthy.

The key is...

cleaning the bathroom toilet.. if they care about that.. rest assured everything will be taken care of.

I’ve always dreamed of buying a lot in Ayala.  When I was younger I loved the amenities like a covered basketball gym with a fiberglass board.  I still vividly remember the wide roads, properly trained security guards and clean amenities as a kid going to Ayala Alabang.

Hannah and I went to meet an in-house Ayala agent in Bacolod, who wasn’t pushy or too sales pitch-y.   She just calmly answered our questions.  Before long, we decided to take the leap and put a down payment on the lot that we’ll one day build our dream home.  So far, the process from writing the contract (CTS) to setting up monthly payments is as smooth and hassle free as I hoped.

Here are 3 reasons why I think Ayala is a good investment:

1.) Ayala properties have consistently topped the country’s average property appreciation. If the general Philippine property market increased by 27% in the last 5 years ( a conservative estimate, in my opinion), Ayala Land properties probably at least doubled that.  Ayala has been a market leader in a country with one of the fastest growing economies in Asia.

(Note: We’re experiencing a correction due to the Pandemic.

2.) Foresight in building a community. Action speaks louder than glossy brochures. The biggest influence in my real estate investments is my dad. I was 13-14 yrs old when he would allow me to tag along to manage our properties around Paranaque and Laguna. Even then, it was easy to see the good and not-so good property developers. Through that experience, it allowed me to come up with a simple standard to determine what makes a good, competent property developer. Here it is:

How does the finished product compare to its original flashy brochure when they were pre-selling? A simple question but difficult to answer.

Ayala Land developments seem to get even better as the years and decades pass. A friend who worked for another broker once told me that “When Ayala builds they’re not merely looking ten years down the road, but a hundred, for the next generations”.

3.) Consistent, World-Class Management Team. The first two reasons are near impossible to achieve consistently if you don’t have a great leadership team. They walk the talk. The company’s strong commitment to nation building and development, reflecting its belief that inclusion and sustainability are keys to success.

I deeply respect what they have done in the past and what they’re doing in the present to uplift the Philippines through the good and bad times. 

Hannah and I are fans and  we’re excited to build our future home in Enclaves, Ayala.

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