Keto Mom

Imagine living in a city known as the sugar bowl of the Philippines and its people being famous for having a sweet tooth — the locals literally have a sweet preference for all their menus including Spaghetti — and here you are introducing a sugar-free diet in the land famous for its sugar industry.  This is where Keto Mom enters the stage as a bakeshop and cafe that serves guilt-free breads and pastries as well as popular menus modified to suit the needs of people who are on a strict diet.

Ethan, Hannah & Mommy Jean

Ms Jean Joy Yap, owner and baker of Keto Mom shared how she came up with the idea for the shop and what’s most interesting about it was it did not start as a family business or out of her love for baking which is unusual especially when it comes to Bacolod where most local businesses where either handed down by families or out of their hobby or passion, in fact, Ms Jean doesn’t know how to bake and has no inclination whatsoever to start baking until after an incident in her life that totally changed her mind about proper diet and living a healthy lifestyle.

Ms Jean came from a family with hereditary hypertension problems which eventually manifested in her health later after she gave birth to their wonderful children. It came to a point when her blood pressure rose to a staggering high and she was hospitalized. The thought of death came to mind and she realized her children are still too young to lose their mother, and that’s when she decided to change her diet. 

 She searched google about stuff on keto diet and how to prepare these foods for herself. She first began to bake bread for her own consumption and started to learn to bake other guilt-free pastries. It was a series of trials and errors, she searched youtube for ideas and got inspiration from her own travels abroad.

Blueberry Creamcheese Muffin @ Php220 ($5) for 3 pcs.

When she realized that her baking has taken quite a lot of resources, it came to mind that perhaps she can start taking orders. Some of her friends who have known her loved the idea of a guilt-free dessert and started making referrals for her, of course, Mr Yap was definitely her biggest support and her greatest encouragement in starting the business. 

She started taking orders through facebook at the same time she continued to hone her skills and added variety to her list of menu.

Kansi Steak w/ Keto Gravy (Herb Gravy) @ Php250 ($5)
Cabbage Lasagna w/ Garlic Bread @ Php250 ($5)

This year 2021, they were able to find a commercial place for rent where they established Keto Mom’s bakeshop and cafe. It took a lot of work but they took advantage of the lockdown to research and gather the materials they needed and to perfect their menu. Currently, not only does Mommy Jean manage the shop, she also has to take care of their three kids with the help of her ever-supporting husband and they still continue to accept orders through FB and now in Food Grab.

In truth, Keto Mom was born out of a necessity which became a hobby and turned into a passion. By personal experience, every bite of their pastry is definitely a wonderful experience knowing that you can enjoy the taste without having to worry about the number of calories that you intake because every menu is really well-thought of and made with love and care.

the making of Kombucha (Fermented Drink)

menu as of May 2021

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